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Race Timing Services

Triathlon, Running, Multisport... You name it we have probably timed it at some point.. We have a variety of systems and equipment that can make scoring your event both interactive and efficient in terms of cost

Online Entry Services

If you are looking for the integrated solution that will make an the experience from entry online to results online as seemless as possible talk to us about the various options and pricing structures we can offer you.

Organiser Help

Welcome to the Organsiser Help Page.  I have noticed and increase amount of time answering the same emails so I thought I would put some text together in order so at the very least I can cut and paste the answers.

Please see our separate page about our RFID timing equipment if you require more information about the equipment we use.

Start list / Entries


You can make as many changes to the entry data as you like however there is always a penalty of time.  for example it might not be possible to add 200 entrants to the system during a 5km fun run, however it is possible to catch up post event.  Late entries and Changes should be on an entry form with the race number clearly written on the top right of the form.

Information we need to time the race

This can be provided in a spreadsheet or comma separated files.  if you do not have access to microsoft office then you can download Open Office from .  We can offer a training package for spreadsheets and databases if you require at half day costs.

Basic details:

First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Race Number

Wave Number (this might be the race number for pool events)
Event (Middle, Olympic, sprint)

Optional Details
Email Address
Mobile Phone
Tracking number
BTF, National Body Number



Unless otherwise arranged we will bring the chips with us on the morning of the race.  If you do day before registration then we can dispatch the chips to you ahead of time.  We will send no earlier than 10 days in advance without prior arrangement

Running Posting them out

BAPS - If you are going to use the Ultra timing system we will either supply you a roll of chips numbered 1-X for your event or you can send the Bibs to us and we will apply the BAP.  We will send the BAPS to you according to your timescale.  If you require them attached by us then we will require 7 Days per 1000 Numbers

Shoe/Ankle tags Posting - Posting them out by prior agreement, you will need to buy the chips of us and we will refund you based on the returned transponders.  The invoice does not need to be settled prior to the event but if there is a large requirement in advance we will require some form of deposit.

Shoe/Ankle tags Collect - We can deliver upto 10 days prior to your event



We assume Maximum of Four Timing points when we price a race for you.  If you require more than this then we may increase the price.  A distance split will be an extra charge.


Distance Splits are charged at 33% of the timing cost for your event unless the split is in the form of a lap at the start/finish area


We hate cancellations its nothing personal but it does make awkward when we have re-arrange or turn down work which we would have normally taken up.  The more notice you give the better and the easier we will be when it comes to talking about it.


Unless we cancel on you then the deposit is non-refundable.  this is final and absolute.  The deposit is our method of booking the date in the diary and if all events were cancelled we could still keep our lights on.

Two Months Out

At this point we would be happy  to accept that the event is cancelled and leave it at that

One month out

We would need 33% of the Min Invoice amount including the deposit paid.  so if the total invoice  was 1000, you paid a 10% deposit, we would require 233. to settle

Two weeks out

Same as before but it would run at 66%

Week / Day

We would ask for the minimum race fee / Base Charge