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Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon
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Adventure | 2017-07-01 09:00:00 | 3 days to go

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Trish Fisher
New Zealand F 45-49
Lee Fisher
United Kingdom M 50-54
Josh Deakin
United Kingdom M 20-24
Nichola Richardson
United Kingdom F 45-49
Joe Deakin
United Kingdom M 17-19
Hannah Chowdhury
United Kingdom F 25-29
Michelle Holyoake
United Kingdom F 30-34
Pyrrha Baddeley
United Kingdom F 17-19
Jodie Simpkiss
United Kingdom F 30-34
Neill Morgan
United Kingdom M 55-59
Tracy Morgan
United Kingdom F 50-54
Rachel Christie
United Kingdom F 45-49
Jonathan Smith
United Kingdom M 50-54

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