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Dartford White Oak Triathlon
Sprint Distance

Triathlon | 2018-06-10 06:00:00 | 18 days to go

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Entrants A-Z

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Lewis Mcleavey
United Kingdom M 45-49
Maria Rudzki
United Kingdom F 55-59
David Allison
United Kingdom M 50-54
Clare Wyngard
United Kingdom F 55-59
Leon Galler
United Kingdom M 45-49
Mark Franchetti
United Kingdom M 55-59
Chris Thickett
United Kingdom M 35-39
Eleanor Spooner
United Kingdom F 50-54
James Briggs
United Kingdom M 25-29
Hugh Gibbs
United Kingdom M 50-54
Angela Duffy Smart
United Kingdom F 45-49
Jacquie Hall
United Kingdom F 50-54
Anthony Hua
United Kingdom M 30-34
Pherenice Worsey-buck
United Kingdom F 45-49

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