Customer Data Rights Guide

This guide details how you can interact with your personal data we hold on the SW website. Please also refer to our privacy policy and our member data page.

StuWeb Account

Your SW account is used to verify your identity and allows automatic access to our tools that allow you to access and update your data.

You can:

  • Log in and register
  • Change your password
  • Update your account ID (email address)
  • Delete your account

Event Entries

If you have entered an event on our website, you will have an entry form on our system.

You can:

  • Decide not to appear on the starting list
  • Review the information you submitted before the event
  • Update entry form or participant information before the event
  • Transfer your entry to someone else (depending on organiser terms)
  • Manage your communication preferences for your events and organisers

Participant Data & Event Results

If race results are published, you can control what information is displayed.

  • Add or remove participant association to your account
  • You can partially or fully anonymise your name in result listings
  • You can untag yourself from photos or hide them completely.

We use your SW account to verify you are the participant, and if you delete your account, you lose the ability to control your information using the online tools.

Access & Portability

You have the right to know what information we hold on you, and download that data in a useful format.

From the members account page, you can automatically download a combined copy of all the information we hold about you, which includes:

  • Your personal athlete profile
  • Your linked athlete profiles
  • Your forthcoming race entries
  • Your events and results (including splits)
  • The URLs of the event photos you are tagged
  • Order details for payments to the site
  • Customer service requests
  • Your communications preferences and other opt-ins

The download can only contain information retained as per the data retention policies as described in the privacy policy.

Non-members can also request this combined information, but we will need to take manual steps to confirm your identity before releasing the information.