RFID Race Timing Systems - United Kingdom

RFID Race Timing Systems – United Kingdom

StuWeb RFID Timing Solutions are the authorised agent for RFID Race Timing Systems in the United Kingdom.

Specialising in RFID race timing systems StuWeb are the experts when it comes to advising the best systems for your sport timing application.

Ranging from the ULTRA UHF system through to the low frequency HDD, we have a system to cater for all sporting requirements and budgets.

The ULTRA is the latest technology in the RFID world and is able to read both disposable and re-usable tags, making it extremely versatile catering for smaller club events through to the largest fun runs. This system is unique as it uses any Gen 2 RFID tag, allowing users to purchase tags from any vendor they choose (many other brands lock users to their own specific tags at highly inflated prices). ULTRA has many benefits of which are listed below.

  • open source UHF tags,
  • low profile antenna mats, perfect for running and cycling,
  • available in 4 or 8 port configurations,
  • Disposable UHF tags or re-usable ULTRATAG.

The other very popular system is the HDD. Proven over several years this RFID system has gained popularity around the world particularly in the triathlon and open water swimming events. The HDD relies on a re-usable transponder worn on the athletes ankle, and is immune to the water, an Achilles of RFID systems in general. Popular with clubs and many professional timers, the HDD has been used in ITU World Championship events through to school cross country races.

Alongside the race timing systems we also are able to offer a range of great accessories that will give your event the professional touch.

Contact Stuart Steele for expert information in determining your hardware requirements, or for a demonstration of RFID Race Timing Systems.

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