Privacy Policy

We are StuWeb, a limited company based in the West Midlands. For our full address, contact details and more, please visit our about page.

Our privacy policy is designed to let you know in simple terms what data we store about you, why, and for how long.

In short, we aim to

  • store and process only the data we need,
  • to keep the data safe while we store it,
  • and to delete the data when it is no longer necessary.

Please refer to our customer data rights guide and our member data page to see how you can access and stay in control of the data we hold.

What and why

We ask for personal data to

  • Facilitate online payments (contact details and address)
  • Provide entry to events on behalf of event organisers (athlete profile)
  • Provide timing and event services for event organisers (athlete profile)
  • Publish the public event results and result breakdown (result profile)

We do not buy or sell any personal data, nor do we use any automatic profiling.

We share your data securely with the event organiser before the event so they can plan and run a safe and successful event.

Event organisers may request more information, and will have their own terms and conditions and privacy policies regarding their events, which we will display or link to before you commit to your entry.

How long

We will store your entry data for a period of 12 months after the event to better support the event organiser and participants after the event. This includes things like querying results, retaining athlete profiles for applying to annual events, and deferment of entry for participants who cannot make the original event.

We will store order information associated with online payments until the end of the reporting period for the financial year in which they were made.


We do not send out unsolicited or irrelevant marketing messages.

Event organisers have the ability to send out updates to event attendees, and this is regulated via opt-in consent at different levels, which are easy for you to update at any time.

We may send you emails or texts confirming account activity, such as orders placed, and important notices, such as an event being cancelled or postponed.

Questions or complaints

If you have any comments or questions on this policy or data concerns, please use our contact page to get in touch.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the ICO if you are not happy with any company in relation to your personal data storage and processing.